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Bruske Products started as a dream.

At its heart, Bruske Products is truly a "mom and pop" business, having started in the back of a small shop by a couple of "kids" from the north side.  With a background in sales with the Fuller Brush Company, Ed Bruske saw the need for brooms and brushes that were made to stand the test of time under extreme conditions - and there begins the story of Bruske Products and the Indestructible Bruske Brush.

In the beginning
  • 1952 Ed Bruske graduates from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL with a major in Business Administration and Marketing.

  • 1953 Bruske began selling door to door for The Fuller Brush Company in Tacoma, WA and then in Des Moines, IA.

  • 1956 Bruske started in the Industrial Division of The Fuller Brush Company south side.

  • 1961 Bruske is promoted to Midwest Regional Manager for Fuller.

  • 1968 Bruske obtains his pilot’s license and began flying his own plane to meet the demands of his growing territory.

  • 1970 Bruske was let go from Fuller along with the president and three of the five territory managers.   

A New Career
  • 1972 Bruske Products began manufacturing Bruske Brushes in the back of a machine parts factory in Tinley Park, IL.

  • 1975 Bruske Products moved to a 10,000 square foot location across town.

  • 1977 Bruske Products partners with the Southwest Community Services, an organization that empowers individuals with diverse disabilities to maximize their development and independence.

  • 1982 Steve Schafer, son-in-law of Bruske, began working as an industrial salesman.

  • 1983 Bruske Products launches its retail division.

A Big Move
  • 1986 Bruske Products moves down the street to its current 30,000 square foot location.

  • 1987 Schafer begins running the retail sales division as National Retail Sales Manager.

  • 1995 Susan Bruske, daughter of Bruske, begins working at Bruske Products as the administrative assistant.

  • 1997 Schafer becomes Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Bruske Products.

  • 2000 Bruske sells the company to its employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

  • 2002 Bruske Products receives award for thirty years of contributing to the community from the Tinley Park Economic Commercial Commission.

  • 2012 Bruske Products receives award for forty years of contributing to the community Tinley Park Economic Commercial Commission.

  • 2014 Bruske Products establishes the Bruske retail showroom in the front lobby of the facility and celebrates forty-two years in business.

  • 2015 Steve Schafer is named President.  Ed Bruske becomes the first Chairman of the Board.

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