Bruske Products’ Green Initiative

  • Has been a smoke-free environment for more than 20 years

  • Use of office computer network reduces the need for paper printing

  • Recycles 100% of office paper, plastic, metals, cardboard and glass

  • Recycles or reuses all printer cartridges

  • Recycles all electronic devices

  • Participates in EDI with many customers reducing all need for paper

  • Maintains and repairs office machines to avoid replacement

  • Some brush bristles are made from recycled plastics

  • All plastic blocks are made with some recycled materials

  • Plant was built with double side walls and 2 ½” insulated ceiling

  • Recycled wood is burned to produce heat for the plant, reducing the cost to heat the 30,000 square foot building to $5,000 per year

We believe in making the world a better place.

Community Involvement

  • Bruske Products has had a 35-year relationship with Southwest Community Services, Inc., a non-profit, human services agency that provides services that empower individuals with diverse disabilities to maximize their development and independence.

  • Four individuals from Southwest Community Services, Inc., have found full-time, permanent positions at Bruske Products.

  • Bruske Products was recently recognized for being a contributing business to the village for 40 years, by the Village of Tinley Park, Illinois.

Timber destined for the landfill is diverted to our location to be used as firewood, heating our 30,000 square foot factory and office building.