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Bruske Release D'Grease

RELEASE D’GREASE™ - is a completely biodegradable, super-strength, spontaneous cleaner degreaser. It’s an effective way to fight the high cost of freight, reduce handling costs and increase storage capacity. Release D’Grease makes a full 55-gallon drum of super-strength, spontaneous cleaner degreaser from a 4-gallon case consisting of two 2-gallon containers that can be shipped anywhere via UPS or FedEx.


RELEASE D’GREASE™ - has ideal physical properties and exceeds most performance requirements. Release D’Grease™ contains no phosphates and has no Butyl Cellosolve. It possesses no flash point. It has no fragrance. It has infinite Solubility, low foam properties and the surfactant system is nonionic patented.


Through simple dilution adjustments, Release D’Grease™ works well in almost all mechanical cleaning devices. It removes dirt, oil or greasy soil from all types of hard surfaces, floors, ceramic tile, porcelain, plastic, walls, wood, metal, and metallic surfaces. It’s safe enough to use on USDA inspected food contact surfaces.


Bruske No. 9394-12                  12 count, 32 oz trigger spray bottles

Bruske No. 939-6                       Raw Elements: Steps #1 (2-gallon) & #2 (2-gallon).

                                                         Makes 55 gallons of concentrate

Bruske No. 9391-6                     Six 1-gallon bottles of pre-blended concentrate

Bruske No. 93955                      55-gallon drum of pre-blended concentrate

Bruske No. 9-620-NO-AG+      Release D’Grease™ blender/regulator 1 setting 16GPM

Bruske No. 9-612+                     Release D’Grease™ 200-gallon bulk tank



Bruske Release D'Grease PLUS

Years of wax build-up on floors, grease and grime on older surfaces, encrusted machinery or industrial equipment, grimy walls and kitchen ventilating hoods, furnace areas and vehicle engines - messes almost impossible to clean.  But now there is Release D'Grease PLUS, a non-ammoniated, biodegradable super-cleaner that works with water to dissolve years of built-up grease, carbon deposits, dirt and soap scum.  It's safe on virtually all surfaces and vanishes when the job is done - gliding off equipment with a simple water rinse.  Great for stripping layers of wax off old floors, too!


                Bruske No. 949-4                       Raw Elements: Two packages of four 1-gallon bottles of concentrate.  

                                                                           Makes 55 gallons of concentrate.

                Bruske No. 9491-4                     Four 1-gallon bottles of pre-blended concentrate

                Bruske No. 9495                         5-gallon pail of pre-blended concentrate

                Bruske No. 94955                       55-gallon drum of pre-blended concentrate

Mighty Mint

In the war on dirt and grime, it's nice to know you can clean virtually all surfaces with a cleaner-deodorizer that is both biodegradable and safe for the user.  No more harsh chemicals, just a perfect blend of cleaning and deodorizing agents for sinks, tubs, showers, basins and floors.  MIGHTY MINT can be used manually with a mop, rag or sponge, or even with mechanical cleaning devices.  Available in regular formula, or in concentrated raw elements, MIGHTY MINT is convenient, easy on your hands and smells great, too!


Bruske No. 9191-6     Mighty Mint Pre-blended -- 6 count, 1-gallon bottles cleaning concentrate

Bruske No. 9195         Mighty Mint Pre-blended -- 5-gallon pail cleaning concentrate

Bruske No. 91955       Mighty Mint Pre-blended -- 55-gallon drum cleaning concentrate

Scent Away

Nasty odors make a lasting impression...make your company's lasting impression be the sweet smell of success with SCENT AWAY, odor counteractant.  SCENT AWAY attacks odors at their source and in the air.  The concentrated, water-soluble odor eliminator actually alters the molecular structure of the offending scent, leaving nothing but the smell of freshness. 


Super strength SCENT AWAY is convenient - just add it to the housekeeping cart for a safe and effective weapon against the worst of odors: sickness, human incontinence, animals, pet accidents, sewage, garbage, fats, oils, fermentation, decay, mildew, cooking odors, fire, smoke, cigarettes, cigars, liquor, paint and chemicals.  Mix it into other cleaning solutions, rug shampoos or rinse water.  It's non-staining so it can be applied directly to shower curtains, bath mats and dirty linens.  


Scent Away leaves a light, fresh scent that won't offend even the most sensitive nose!


                                                                Bruske No. 9399-4          4-gallon case

                                                                Bruske No. 9399-12        12 count, 32-oz bottles

                                                                Bruske No. 93994-12      Ready-to-use, 12 count, 32-oz bottles


Grease Getter

Let's face it.  You're not the type who is afraid to get your hands dirty.  You like to get the job done and if that means you get a little dirty, well that's part of the game.  But when you're finished, you want to leave the work and the dirt behind.  


Put GREASE GETTER to the task and clean up is a snap.  GREASE GETTER is made for the "do it yourself" types like you.  Its pumice particles remove grease and grime even the hard-to-remove stuff under your nails.  In no time, your hands are looking clean and smelling great.  The next time you have a dirty job to do, put GREASE GETTER to work when the work is done.  It works as hard as you do!


Bruske No. 9592-4             4 count, 3.5-liter bottles

Bruske No. 9-670               1 count, 3.5-liter Dispenser (free with initial order)


Lotion Rich

It's the advice of the medical community - wash your hands.  When you wash your hands, you don't spread germs, and germs can cause illness.


Employees and visitors alike will want to wash their hands when they discover LOTION RICH in your rest rooms.  LOTION RICH is medicated lotion soap that cleans gently and fights bacteria.  A moisturizing soap that feels good on your hands with no drying or chapping, LOTION RICH is effective even in hard water.  With LOTION RICH, there is no rinsing required...just lather and wipe!


Bruske No. 9591-4          4 count, 3.5-liter bottles

Bruske No. 9-670            1 count, 3.5-liter dispenser (free with initial order)

This Super Size Dispenser is the answer to high-volume soap requirements.  This dispenser with classic design easily dispenses both GREASE GETTER and LOTION RICH.  Ask about the Super Size Dispenser when you place your order



BLOT-IT, a non-dusting, non-tracking, high-powered, super absorbent compound allows you to clean up any kind of liquid spill in just seconds.  Blot-It provides anti-slip, non-skid traction to eliminate slipping and/or falling accidents that are inherent with liquid spills.  BLOT-IT is safe to use; no harsh chemicals, no corrosive agents, no flammable element.  It's safe enough to use in USDA food service plants.  It can be used anywhere!  With BLOT-IT there's no need for mopping - just sweep it up!


Bruske No. 9710           Twelve 2 1/2 lb. containers of particulate compound

Bruske No. 9715           One 40 lb. HD box particulate compound

Bruske No. 9720           Fifteen 4" X 4' industrial socks

Bruske No. 9-U640       Twenty 10" X 18" X 2" industrial pillows

Bruske No. 9740           One 25lb. bag of particulate compound

Rust Buster

"I would like to order a case of the Rust Buster. I was given a sample of this product and it is without a doubt the best in the market…"

                                                  Anthony M.

RUST BUSTER is a non-flammable 4-N-1 penetrating oil.  It displaces moisture, provides a moisture barrier, dries wet ignitions, prevents rust, frees rusted parts and stops squeaks.  RUST BUSTER meets government specifications and protects metals for storage.  RUST BUSTER is used by factories, truck lines, delivery services, transit systems, schools, machine shops, service stations, airlines, and general industries.  Contains no ozone depleters.

Bruske No. 97801          12 count, 16 oz. cans 


This highly-concentrated, all-natural, all-organic and biodegradable solvent blend easily removes grease, oil and grime from metallic and non-metallic surfaces including most plastics.  CITSOLV is ideally suited for cleaning and degreasing machinery, equipment, engines and electric motors without the use of ozone-depleting chlorinated solvents.  CITSOLV easily removes old tar and grease stains from smooth floors and surfaces....just melts them away!

Bruske No. 97803          12 count, 20 oz cans

Aero Lube

AERO LUBE is a multi-purpose lubricant that sprays out of the can in a thin, penetrating liquid, and quickly becomes a thick, red grease even capable of clinging to verticle surfaces.  Additives in AERO LUBE provide superior adhesive, cohesive, extremem pressure and cushioning properties.  This formula lubricates, prevents oxidation, and prevents rust without the dangers of ozone-depleting chlorinated solvents.

Bruske No. 97802          12 count, 16 oz cans

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