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Through the years Bruske Products has developed and manufactured floor care and specialty cleaning care products, and revolutionized the industry.  Bruske has a proven track record for total dependability providing industrial, commercial and institutional customers with products that share no equals.  Bruske quality-crafted products represent the ultimate in manufacturing quality and long life.

The Bruske Brush™ was originally engineered as an answer to the frustration, waste and premature replacement of conventional floor brushes due to sagging bristles and broken handles.  The Bruske Brush is the ultimate floor brush – absolutely perfect for the heavyweight needs of metalworking plants and food processors – to the lightweight needs of hospitals and universities.  It’s INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Bruske Brushes and Bruske Brooms™ are made for indoor and outdoor use.  They are sweeping tools you can depend on .  Each brush and broom is designed, engineered and manufactured to last up to ten times longer than any ordinary floor product.

All Bruske products are constructed with the finest bristle materials – extruded synthetics or natural fibers.  There’s a bristle material for any use that is durable, is not affected by acids, alkalines or most solvents.  Bruske products will keep on sweeping – wet or dry – under the most adverse conditions.

Bruske Brushes and Bruske Brooms are available in an excellent selection of bristles, as well as in a wide variety of sizes to meet the requirements of each job.  They are available in super-fine up to heavy-duty coarse bristles that will take care of all floors or surfaces, indoors or out.

In addition, Bruske’s famous all-steel or hardwood bolt-on “Miracle Tip™” handle eliminates all handle breakage and thread stripping problems normally associated with ordinary floor brushes.  It’s “guaranteed not to break”!


Bruske Brushes and Bruske Brooms are INDESTRUCTIBLE!  

They will sweep better, last longer and cost less than conventional floor brushes and brooms.


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