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THE BRUSKE PIPE DUSTER – a versatile, heavy-duty duster which can be used to clean overhead pipes and hard-to-reach areas. The casing is launderable and made with durable cotton yarn. The frame is contoured and plastic-covered with a threaded end to fit threaded handles as well as the Mr. Longarm handles. Order casing, frame and handles separately. Takes any standard threaded handle.

Bruske No. 1-920-1 Pipe duster casing.

Bruske No. 1-920-5 Contoured frame with 54” wood handle.

Bruske No. 9-709P-T Contoured frame only.


Bruske No. 6032-F        60" Hardwood flexhead dust mop handle

Bruske No. 6132-F        60" Steel flexhead dust mop handle

Bruske No. 6045            60" Hardwood handle with swivel connector

Bruske No. 6145            60" Fiberglass handle with swivel connector

Bruske Sweeping Mops

THE FINEST QUALITY SWEEPING MOPS AVAILABLE – Bruske Seeping Mops are designed to do any sweeping job on all smooth surfaces. They’re premium quality sweeping mops made of the finest cotton yarn available, featuring pre-shrunk canvas backings that fit quickly and easily into place on sturdy metal frames.


BRUSKE’S TRIANGULAR SHAPE COTTON SWEEPING MOP – Ideal for all light-duty cleaning situations, especially on smooth surfaces. This uniquely-shaped sweeping mop is designed to fit into corners and around furniture legs with ease. The Bruske Triangular Sweeping Mop is made of 100% clean, white cotton yarn and comes with a preshrunk canvas backing.

Bruske No. 1003 Triangular shape cotton sweeping mop.

Bruske No. 9213 Chrome plated frame on 60” hardwood handle.


BRUSKE’S KEYHOLE DESIGN COTTON TIE-STYLE SWEEPING MOP – made for heavy-duty use, this mop features the finest cotton yarn available. The tie-on, pre-shrunk canvas backing slips on its metal frame quickly and easily. Ideal for use on any smooth surface for any dusting/cleaning solution. Order No. 6045, 60” hardwood handle with swivel connector or No. 6145, 60” fiberglass handle with swivel connector and appropriate size, series, and No. 9400, 3-1/4” wide metal frame.

Sweeping Mop Size           12”          18”         24”        36”         48”         60”

Bruske No.                        16512     16518   16524   16536    16548    16560

Frame No.                          9412       9418      9424     9436       9448      9460 


BRUSKE 5" KEYHOLE DESIGN - same mop as above, but with 5" opening.

Sweeping Mop Size        18”            24”            36”             48”           60”

Bruske No.                    16518-5   16524-5   16536-5    16548-5   16560-5

Frame No.                       9418-5     9424-5     9436-5      9448-5      9460-5

Call for pricing: 708.532.3800

MR. LONGARM HANDLES AND ACCESSORIES – Bruske Products carries a full line of Mr. Longarm handles and accessories for special purposes including the bulb changer, letter changers, and various adapters. Made from fiberglass and aluminum, handles extend up to 24 feet long.  Call for pricing: 708.532.3800.

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