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Bruske Floor and Window Squeegees

BRUSKE WINDOW SQUEEGEES – the premium quality lightweight, rubber window squeegee. In addition to the fine rubber blade this window squeegee features both a rust-resistant brass channel and rust-resistant brass clips to hold the rubber blade securely in place.


Bruske window squeegees require a #6021 heavy-duty hardwood friction handle and a #49010 brass squeegee-to-handle adapter, priced separately.


Window Squeegee Size                 12”                     14”                    18”

Squeegee Model No.                   49212                49214              49218

Refill Blade No.                             49212-R            49214-R          49218-R



Bruske No. 6021                           1-1/8” Heavy-duty hardwood friction handle

Bruske No. 6032                           Miracle-Tip™ hardwood handle

Bruske No. 6132                           Miracle-Tip™ all-steel handle

Bruske No. 6132-H                      Miracle-Tip™ all-steel handle with hanging hole

Bruske No. 6332                           Fiberglass handle with all stainless steel tip (for use where                                                                         corrosives destroy other metals.)

Bruske No. 49504                         Squeegee-to-handle adapter for Bruske squeegees

Bruske No. 49010                         Brass squeegee-to-handle adapter for window squeegee


BRUSKE HEAVY-DUTY CURVED FLOOR SQUEEGEES – heavy-duty squeegees with curved ends to catch and hold more water. The 14-gauge parts are zinc-plated for long life.

Curved Floor Squeegee Size               18”                 24”                  30”                36”

Bruske Squeegee No.                         49318            49324            49330           49336

Refill Blade No.                                    49318-R        49324-R        49330-R       49336-R


BRUSKE HEAVY-DUTY STRAIGHT FLOOR SQUEEGEES - the same squeegee as the curved, but with a straight channel.  Refill blades fit both curved and straight squeegees. 

Straight Floor Squeegee 

Bruske No.  49318-STRAIGHT             18" straight squeegee

Bruske No. 49324-STRAIGHT              24" straight squeegee

Bruske No. 49330-STRAIGHT              30" straight squeegee

Bruske No. 49336-STRAIGHT              36" straight squeege


The Bruske Curved and Straigt Floor Squeegee use a No. 6021 heavy-duty hardwood friction handle.


BRUSKE SPONGE SQUEEGEES – work well on smooth floors, grouted floors and quarry tile. Features galvanized steel construction, a highly efficient splash guard and reinforced handle socket. The 4” twin rubber blades move liquid easily, are lightweight and disposable. Available in black natural rubber and oil-resistant neoprene rubber.

Bruske No. 49818           18" Black sponge squeegee

Bruske No. 49822           22” Black sponge squeegee

Bruske No. 49822-N       22” Red neoprene sponge squeegee

Bruske No. 49830           30” Black sponge squeegee

Bruske No. 49830-N       30” Red neoprene sponge squeegee

Bruske No. 49800            Threaded-handle adapter for 498 series squeegee

Bruske No. 6002              60” X 7/8” Wood handle

Bruske No. 6302              60” X 7/8” Fiberglass handle

Bruske No. 6102              60” X 7/8” Steel handle

Bruske No. 6021              60” Tapered hardwood friction handle



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