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Bruske Blot-It

BLOT-IT, a non-dusting, non-tracking, high-powered, super absorbent compound allows you to clean up any kind of liquid spill in just seconds.  Blot-It provides anti-slip, non-skid traction to eliminate slipping and/or falling accidents that are inherent with liquid spills.  BLOT-IT is safe to use; no harsh chemicals, no corrosive agents, no flammable element.  It's safe enough to use in USDA food service plants.  It can be used anywhere!  With BLOT-IT there's no need for mopping - just sweep it up!


Bruske No. 9710             Twelve 2 1/2 lb. containers of particulate compound

Bruske No. 9715             One 40 lb. HD box particulate compound

Bruske No. 9720             Fifteen 4" X 4' industrial socks

Bruske No. 9-U640         Twenty 10" X 18" X 2" industrial pillows

Bruske No. 9740             One 25lb. bag of particulate compound



Click on this link for a copy of our 15-page Blot-it catalog

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