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Bruske Products is known for producing quality-crafted, American-made brushes, brooms, and sweeper brushes that last longer and clean better than ordinary floor products. Each brush and broom is designed, engineered and manufactured to last longer by using the finest materials. We also provide specialty-cleaning supplies that have superior cleaning capabilities. Our high quality commercial and industrial cleaning products are used by the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries; public works; public utilities; government, education and healthcare institutions, manufacturing, transportation and the farming industry.


Bruske Brushes and Bruske Brooms™ are made for indoor and outdoor use.  They are sweeping tools you can depend on .  Each brush and broom is designed, engineered and manufactured to last up to ten times longer than any ordinary floor product.
All Bruske products are constructed with the finest bristle materials – extruded synthetics or natural fibers.  There’s a bristle material for any use that is durable, and not affected by acids, alkalines or most solvents.  Bruske products will keep on sweeping – wet or dry – under the most adverse conditions.


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Orders can be placed by calling our office at 708.532.3800 ex. 9, through your local Bruske representative, by emailing to customersupport@bruskeproducts.com or by faxing an order to: 800.821.0411.

For a hard copy of the Bruske Products catalog, request a copy through this website or call the office at 708.532.3800.

Bruske Products is a 100% Employee-Owned ESOP

Bruske Products is a SMALL BUSINESS as listed in SAM

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Bruske Products

7447 Duvan Drive
Tinley Park, IL  60477

Tel: 708.532.3800

Fax: 800.821.0411

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